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laws are on the point of being repealed, and the
new Director's speech breathes peace. He is per-
fectly at home, they say, in his new clothes, and
the country appears satisfied with him,

Perregaux informs me that M. Barth£lemy
recollects me with infinite pleasure, and promises
to speak immediately about the absurdity of my
being relegue at Fontainebleau. He also says that
Reubel is more pleasantly inclined than he was.

The Ministre de la Marine has, through the
Commissioners of Exchange, desired me to exert
myself in obtaining from the King a pardon for
Captain Long, an Irishman born, but married and
settled these twenty years in France, taken in the
command of a privateer, and to be tried for his life.
I have, as desired, written on the subject.

We had a comedy last week acted by ladies
and gentlemen, and Bourdon was the " Nigaud"
in Le Sourd. I dined yesterday at Montgermont,
the seat of M. de Gontaut, who is, but does not
now call himself, Duke de Biron. He married a
financier's daughter of vast fortune, a Mademoiselle
Palerme, a woman of wit and taste. The house
is quite a palace, with a shrubbery laid out round
it a I'anglaise. The acacias in flower are beautiful.
Adjoining to her bed-room, and open to her bed,
is a noble gallery or conservatory. At its further